It looks like it may take some time for the province to return back to normal. The Ontario government is set to introduce a new bill that will allow emergency orders to be extended over the next year. 

In an email to Narcity, Ivana Yelich, spokesperson for the Office of the Premier of Ontario, confirmed that Ontario's emergency orders may not end anytime soon. 

July 15

The date that Ontario's state of emergency will expire 

Currently, the province is only able to issue these COVID-19 rules when a state of emergency is in place. 

However, the emergency is expected to end on July 15.

This new bill would allow the government to change or prolong emergency orders a month at a time and will last for a year after it's passed, according to the Canadian Press via Global News.  

That means that some measures could eventually be extended into 2021.

It will also allow the government to bring certain parts of the province back into stage one of lockdown if need be. 

Via Global News
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