It looks like things aren't returning to normal in Ontario just yet. On Wednesday morning the government announced that Ontario's emergency orders will be extended until the end of the month. So it looks like some of those summer plans will still have to wait. 

In a press release, the provincial government announced that to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Ontario's emergency orders will last until June 30. 

Ontario's state of emergency was originally put in place back on March 17 and is now extended until the end of this month.  

The government reminds people that under these orders, public health guidelines should still be followed and people should be keeping their distance from everyone that is not in their social circles.

"Extending these emergency orders gives our frontline health care providers the necessary flexibility to rapidly respond to urgent needs and protect our most vulnerable," said Premier Ford in the release. 

However, while these orders will remain in place for the next few weeks, the government announced it will be reviewing all measures throughout this time to see if any additional rules can be lifted. 

Already, the province has introduced multiple new reopenings as it hit stage two.

Many regions are now allowed to open patios, hair salons, and even pools. 

However, Toronto has yet to make this move as the city remains in stage one due to the high amount of COVID-19 cases being reported. 

Ontario has also introduced social circles that will finally let residents hug their 10 closest family members and friends.

Yet, the Minister of Health is reminding everyone that it is still important to practice social distancing with everyone outside of your circle and to wear face coverings while out in public. 

Retailers have also implemented a variety of new rules amid the province's reopening. 

Hair salons will be getting customers to wait outside and some will even be skipping the blowdry. 

Some clothing stores will be isolating their clothes once they have been tried on.  

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