One of the benefits of living in Ontario is the free healthcare that is provided. Paying into the tax system allows anyone who may be injured or sick admittance to the hospital to receive treatment. 

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Yet now it has been released that the Ontario government has announced Project Spark, which works towards making health data available for healthcare professionals in various fields as well as the people of Ontario. 

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The debate about this action depends on where the provinces health care data will be shared. Considering how vulnerable and sensitive health records are, no one would want this information to fall into the wrong hands.  

Forbes actually said last year that if healthcare data does end up in the wrong hands, it can be worse than your social insurance number being known. It can actually be worth thousands of dollars when your SIN is only worth a dime. 

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The project is exciting as it could benefit a lot of projects because of Canada's single-payer system. Because the government runs our healthcare system we have such an extensive database. 

So what could this lead to? Well, nothing too serious as patients do have the right to control who see's their healthcare information, but opening it up allows digital healthcare assets to be connected to innovators set on improving the province's healthcare.

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The project is obviously allowing great work to be done as many Ontarians can get a better grip on their health. Open access allows more knowledge to be shared after all. 

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