Summer has finally arrived in Ontario, and what better way to celebrate than by making a trip to Canada's largest botanical gardens?

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ont. is officially opening its rejuvenated rose garden to the public tomorrow, June 23, 2018. It's a momentous occasion for the Royal Botanical Gardens, as the decades-old green space has suffered from disease-driven wilting over the years.

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"RBG recognized it was time for a change. In 2017, construction began on the rejuvenated rose garden, sacrificing a year of roses in order to take the garden in a bold new direction," reads the RBG website.

Horticulturists have designed the rejuvenated rose garden to be disease-resistant, disease-tolerant and cold-hardy, without the need for cosmetic pesticides which were banned in 2009. The two-acre space will feature hundreds of brightly coloured roses, which will be maintained via an advanced irrigation system.

Visitors can view the flowers using a network of intimate pathways that cut through the garden. Gazebos, benches and cafe tables will also be placed throughout, allowing people to relax and socialize in the gorgeous space.

Admission to the rejuvenated rose garden is included with general admission, membership or tours. The RBG also appreciates any donations that can be made in support of their ongoing efforts to improve their parks and gardens. For more information, visit the RBG website.

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