After months of planning, Ontario’s Wasaga Beach is finally ready to begin its major transformation.

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An artist’s rendering of the renovation has been revealed, and it is definitely giving off some major Miami vibes:

Via Wasaga Beach

The town is known for its lively beach front and busy summers, which could be attributed to the fact that it has some of the warmest waters in the entire province. Wasaga Beach is relatively shallow, which allows it to heat up quickly on hot summer days.

A total of $625 million has been budgeted for the project, which will involve the development of 230,000 square meters of new residential and commercial space. These are expected to be built along Wasaga Beach over the course of the next decade, but Mayor Brian Smith is hopeful that construction will go by faster once more developers see the area’s potential.

“This is going to be paradigm shift for Wasaga Beach — it will be the beginning of the creation of a proper main street,” said Smith. “I said in the [2014] campaign that if you look at any town that doesn’t have a proper main street, you’re looking at a sleepy little town that has nothing to offer its residents.”

Last year, the city council approved the auditor’s report for the municipality’s chosen developer Fram-Slokker. They will oversee the town-owned lands on the beachfront and implement community improvement policies that will help with development initiatives.

Sometime this year, Wasaga Beach representatives will sign a development agreement with Fram-Slokker, who willl then set up shop downtown.

See the full Downtown Development Master Plan here.


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