If you were hoping on starting your weekend off with sunshine, you might want to think again. Ontario's weather forecast is calling for some brutal storms on Friday with gusting hail and winds. Parts of the province could even see a tornado. 

According to The Weather Network, a nasty weather pattern is forecasted to bring heavy rainfall to the region. So, you might want to scrap those Friday beach plans.

Even tornadoes could potentially sweep through northwestern Ontario on August 14.

"Storms may fire up in the afternoon, with all potential hazards including strong wind gusts, small hail, heavy rainfall, and one or two tornadoes. The tornado threat will be present mainly in northwestern Ontario," a statement from TWN reads.

Northwestern Ontario is likely to experience most of its severe weather in the afternoon, due to a low-pressure system.

Kenora, which has already faced tornado watches this year, will be right in the heart of the storm. 

If you're in the GTA, you can leave your umbrella at home today. Clear skies are predicted throughout Friday and Saturday. 

However, a few showers are expected to hit the area on Sunday. 

This isn't the first time that Ontario has been under threat of disaster this summer.

Earlier this month, three tornadoes touched on in the areas of Camden East, Oxford Mills, and Kinmount.

The twisters caused significant damage in the regions, ripping out trees and causing flooding.

The winds were reportedly travelling as fast as 150 kilometres an hour in some areas.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. After the storm, Ontario can expect to see sunshine into next week. 

Kenora will see temperatures reach as high as 25 C.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

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