After almost a week of consecutive heat, many Ontarians are begging for a cool down. However, it might not be in the cards just yet. According to The Weather Network, Ontario's weather forecast could be in for a record-breaking stretch of heat this month.

If you’ve been putting off installing your AC this year, you might want to rethink it. 

Ontarians are going to want to stay hydrated as temperatures are expected to float 8 to 10 C higher than their seasonal average this week. 

Daytime highs are forecasted to top out around the mid-30s. However, the humidity is going to make it feel more like 40 C. 

The persistent heatwave has all but wiped out the chance for rain creating a “dry stretch” which has only been interrupted by the occasional thunderstorm.

“Though this extreme heat is more recent, the dry stretch has been long-lived. In fact, many places in southern Ontario only recorded rainfall of less than 0.5 mm over the past 30-50 days,” reads a statement from TWN.

In fact, the city of Toronto only received 70% of the average rainfall last month. As of Tuesday, not a single drop of rain had been recorded throughout the month of July. 


Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for several southern Ontario regions, cautioning residents to be on the lookout for signs of heat illness.

The weather agency is also warning the hot and humid air could cause a deterioration in air quality.

In fact, it's going to be such a long stretch of heat, that TWN is warning of it actually breaking records. 

Currently, Toronto has had six consecutive days of heat, which is the third-longest stretch of heat recorded. 

However, with no end in sight for this sticky weather, TWN predicts that Ontario could continue to keep smashing records. 

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