Harry Potter fans are in for a treat - Transfigured Town, the company behind the highly anticipated Harry Potter-themed festival in Blythe, Ontario, has already released dates for next year's celebration.

Back in January, media outlets around the world learned about the festival and it quickly became viral, garnering the interest of witches and wizards everywhere. Now, the company is already gearing up for it's third festival, and it hopes to make it the most magical one yet.

According to their website, the Festival of Wizardry will return on September 21, 2018 for a three-day weekend. Planners have taken the most successful concepts from this year's events and are working to take them to the next level:

"Festival of Wizardry 2018 will have all the things you loved from 2017 with some amazing additions. We are planning Actors, Workshops, Panels, Camping, Quidditch, More Props, More Sets, More Classes, More Contests, Bigger Prizes, More WRock, More opportunities to Socialize, More Candy, More Virtual Wizardry, More Gaming, Common Rooms, LARPing, Themed Foods, Private Labeled Themed Beers, Themed Cocktails and More Mocktails."

Tickets are finally available, and can be found on the website transfigured towns

This year, over 9,000 witches and wizards came out to Blythe to participate in the unofficial Potter event. Guests participated in a slew of awesome activities, including Quidditch, wizardry classes, a Poly-wizard cup, meals in the Great Hall, shopping in Nocturne Alley (with vendor products rated 14A) and much more.

Would you like to attend the Festival of Wizardry in 2018? Stay tuned on the Festival of Wizardry website for updates!

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