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Outdoor skating is extremely important to Toronto's winter culture. If you need a date idea, or a way to waste a Sunday afternoon, the city's many outdoor rinks are always there to help. Sadly, skating rinks have been getting harder and harder to maintain in the winter months, and researchers suggest that this is due to global warming.

A CTV report explains that based on the findings of  a tracking site called RinkWatch, which has been finding that skating-appropriate weather has been getting more and more rare over the years. The site is run by University of Laurier geographers, and relies on people all over Canada coming on every time they try to go skating and letting them know what the conditions of their local rink are like.

In the past few years, there have been more days than usual in the winter when ice has been too mushy to skate on. Many rinks also report days in the middle of winter when it would rain, making skating difficult. This isn't great news for Torontonians, and the thought of our 52 skating rinks becoming unusable is heartbreaking.


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