Toronto's Middle Eastern restaurant chain won't make it through the next two months without help.

The CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, Mohamad Fakih, said to CP24 that the chain is fighting to survive amid indoor dining suspensions in the GTA.

Fakih told the outlet that the restaurant is struggling to pay its bills and in desperate need of government support.

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I don’t think we will make it 60 days because we are paying rent for two months, full rent, 100 percent, taxes, expenses.

Mohamad Fakih


"The provincial and federal governments need to get this right. This is the second time around," he said.

"The idea that it is OK to shut down the economy without having thought through what we need to save jobs and businesses is quite frankly ridiculous and irresponsible and it is very negative for the economy in general."

Seven restaurants in Toronto closed their doors permanently this month.

Some have even been locked out and evicted because they couldn't make rent.

Premier Ford was reluctant to shut down indoor dining a second time, saying that it would destroy the livelihoods of restaurant owners.

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