Remember a few months ago when it seemed like winter was never going to end and we said we wouldn't complain about the heat once it came? Well, it's finally here, so there better be no complaining...

Take today for example — Ontario is currently experiencing hotter-than-normal springtime temperatures, with various parts of the province feeling the added heat from today's humidex.

Some areas even feel hotter than L.A. (23 C), with places in southwestern regions like Windsor (26 C), Hamilton (27 C), Mississauga (26 C) showing warmer temperatures with the humidex. Other places like London (22 C), Toronto (22 C), Ajax (22 C) and Port Dover (21 C) are just slightly cooler than La La Land, but still pretty close to being just as hot.

According to Environment Canada, the hottest spot in Ontario right now is Petawawa, a town slightly northwest of Ottawa. There, it's currently 27.5 C, which is similar to the current temperature in Miami (26 C).

There's no turning back now — It looks like the warm temperatures are finally here, and they're here to stay. In fact, some forecasts predict that Ontario is in for a long, hot summer this year...

Guess you better stock up on the sunscreen!

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