The Canadian citizen charged with sending a ricin-laced letter to Donald Trump is also accused of crossing the border with multiple weapons.

According to the court hearing on Monday, September 28, Pascale Ferrier had threatened to use her gun on the U.S. president if the poisoned letter didn’t work. 

The 53-year-old woman was arrested last week for sending multiple ricin-laced letters to the United States, including one to the American President.

A resident of Montreal, she was apprehended by police at the Peace Bridge on September 20, as she attempted to leave Ontario into New York.

Speaking in court on Monday, prosecutors described her as being "loaded for bear" as she attempted to cross the border.

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What weapons did she have?

The court heard that when she was arrested, Ferrier was carrying a significant number of potentially-dangerous weapons.

Per the National Post, the 53-year-old is accused of carrying a semi-automatic handgun and a backpack filled with 294 rounds of ammunition.

She also had a knife, a stun gun, pepper spray and a collapsible baton when she was apprehended.

While Ferrier is a Canadian citizen, originally from France, she was also carrying a fake Texas driver’s licence.

What did the letter say?

Prosecutors allege that in the poison-laced letter, Ferrier threatened the president with her gun and more poison.

Calling Trump “The Ugly Tyrant Clown,” she allegedly accused him of ruining the United States and leading the country “to disaster.”

“I don’t want the next 4 years with you as president. Give up and remove your application for this election,” she reportedly wrote.

“So I made a ‘Special Gift’ for you to make a decision. This gift is in this letter. If it doesn’t work, I’ll find a better recipe for another poison, or I might use my gun,” read the document.

What will happen next?

On Monday, Ferrier pleaded not guilty to the charge of threatening the American president.

As part of the defence, her lawyer argued that the Ferrier gave herself up to border officials prior to her arrest, telling them that she was “wanted by the FBI.”

However, the U.S. judge denied her release.

He ordered her to be transferred to a facility in the Washington area, where an indictment on the same charge has already been returned.

Ferrier is expected to face additional charges in Washington, Texas and Buffalo regarding the ricin, the weapons she was carrying upon her arrest and the fake ID.

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