An Ontario family was horrified when a huge block of ice fell through their ceiling and landed in their bedroom, only steps away from where they were sleeping. The block of ice was reportedly from an Air Canada plane travelling from Las Vegas to Toronto. The family has reached out to the Toronto airport, but according to them, Pearson Airport refuses to help the Ontario family who had their roof destroyed by falling ice from an airplane

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"The noise was enormous," the victim, Carmela Caccavo told CityNews. "I saw the big piece of ice and all the insulation. I started to panic". She added that she could have been seriously hurt had it fallen just a few metres towards her bed. "I was lucky. It could have hit me on the head". 

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The chunk of ice falling into their home was not just frightening, but highly costly. The repairs will cost an estimated $20,000 and as of now, the family has to bear the entire cost. The damage is not covered by their insurance either. 

Check out the massive hole that the chunk of ice left in the family's home. 

According to CityNews, the ice is most likely to have dropped from an Air Canada Rouge flight due to arrive at Toronto Pearson Airport, based on flight path data. The family lives around 25 kilometres from the airport. 

A Pearson Airport representative told Narcity that the Greater Toronto Airports Authority is "ready to cooperate closely with any investigative efforts and has already reached out to Transport Canada to offer any assistance they may require."

"As an entity, Toronto Pearson does not operate aircraft so the airport can’t be liable for this incident," the representative says. "We will be cooperating with Transport Canada to participate in all investigative efforts. As the regulators of all aviation in Canada, it is their role to investigate what airline could have been operating aircraft in the vicinity during the time of the incident."

When contacted by the family, Pearson directed them to Transport Canada and NAV Canada for assistance. "We are sorry to hear about ice damaging a home in Mississauga and we hope the residents are ok," their response reads.

"In the end, they said they couldn’t really do much," Caccavo’s son, Michael said.

"They said they can’t find who was in the air (and) there are so many airports in the area. In the end, they just said to contact the insurance and have them deal with it … which is not satisfactory." The family has said that the insurance does not cover these damages, meaning they would have to foot the $20,000 bill. 

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Air Canada has responded to the incident and the airline has not taken responsibility. Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told CityNews that the plane, which was a Boeing 767, "received regular maintenance and there were no signs of any issue that would create this situation". 

"As well, it is important to bear in mind that aircraft land every few minutes at YYZ (Pearson) so there are several planes operated by many airlines in the sky at any one time over Pearson," said Fitzpatrick. 

Ontario contractor Gerry Johnson confirmed that this was an issue that was re-occurring. He was working to repair the hole in the Ontario family's home and said it is the third time he’s seen damages that are from falling ice from airplanes. "It’s coming from the sky, guaranteed," he told CityNews. "Someone’s going to get killed."

CityNews also reached out to other airlines, which also had arrivals at Pearson between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM to see anything similar had happened with their planes. WestJet responded to the accident and told CityNews it had no reported incidents. Other airlines have yet to comment. 

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