Going on vacation is great, but going to the airport isn't. The lines are excruciatingly long, and there are always too many people around for your liking.

If you have a flight heading into or out of Toronto's Pearson Airport in the coming days, brace yourself. The airport is expecting to have its busiest day of the year next week.

But, fear not - we have all the hacks to help you deal with any kind of airport scenario. 

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Pearson Airport is expecting over 166,000 passengers next Friday, August 24th.

Which is, of course, unwelcome news to anyone who has a flight departing or arriving at the airport on that day.

But, there are ways to try and make travel easier on yourself no matter what airport you go to. 

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Firstly, don’t just drive aimlessly around the airport parking lot looking for a spot. Most airports will allow you to reserve a space online, which will save you tons of time.

Here’s where you can reserve a space online at Pearson

Lining up and going through security is usually the most time-consuming part of air travel. While you can’t just bud into the front of the line, there are things you can do to speed things along, like having your boarding pass and other documents ready in your hand. 

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You can also put all your toiletries in a plastic bag before you get to the airport, that way you won’t have to frantically search your bag for them at the last minute.

So airports may not be the most fun place to be, but there are ways to minimize how much stress you have there from long lines. 

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