If you've heard whisperings online about a man and woman selling chocolate door-to-door only to pepper spray those who answer, don't panic — and definitely don't call 911.

Peel Police are assuring Ontarians that there is nothing to worry about. They haven't received any calls from victims in similar situations and therefore are deemed this nothing more than an online rumour.

Constable Akhil Mooken uploaded a video update yesterday about the misleading video.

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The post has been circulating primarily on Facebook — examples can be found here and here.

It warns of a man and woman from the Philippines pretending to sell chocolate for charity, only to pepper spray homeowners and rob their house.

Again, Peel Police have confirmed there is no validity to these posts.

In September, Ontarians were faced with another scam, in which people were misled online into booking vacation rentals that didn't exist.

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