At just after 11:30 on Thursday night, Peel Regional Police issued an Ambert Alert about 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar, a Brampton girl who was kidnapped by her father and made threats "indicating he was going to harm himself and his daughter”. Police issued three Amber Alerts -  a repeat of the first alert at 11:42 PM, followed by an alert at 12:21 AM saying that the Amber Alert had been cancelled and the child was located.

Shortly after the Amber Alert was cancelled, it was revealed that 11-year-old Rajkumar was found dead inside the basement of a home in Brampton, at Queen Street and Highway 410. Father Roopesh Rajkumar was taken down by police in Oro-Medonte - charges against him remain pending. 

Peel Police allege that the only reason that they successfully located him was "as a direct result of someone receiving the alert." "The system works. Thank you to all those that called with tips," they wrote on Twitter this morning.

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However, the series of Amber Alerts was also met with an influx of complaints, specifically about the late hour that they were issued. Those who had their phone ringers turned on at the time also received a blaring alarm along with the screen notification. 

Not only did the Peel Police call centre flood with complaints from disgruntled Ontarians, but many of them also flocked to social media and Reddit to voice their complaints about having their sleep disturbed.

"I didn’t kill the girl. But I also don’t care enough about it that I want to be woken up,"  one Redditor wrote Friday morning. "I should be able to choose to not be bothered. I don’t care about random child events, I’m inside my apartment all night anyway f*ck off".

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One Redditor even went as far as posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn the Amber Alerts off, "permanently or on a schedule". Which, after trying myself and reading the comments section of the thread, doesn't work.

Via Inaerius | Reddit

However, it's clear that for every complaint that's been posted online, there are about a dozen counter-complaints about the kinds of people who would have the audacity to be annoyed by an alert about a missing child.

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"The lack of empathy in some of these comments is quite disgusting," one Twitter user wrote to Peel Police. "This poor little girl was killed by her own father on her birthday and yet people are complaining about their 5 mins of sleep. My heart breaks everytime I think about how scared she must have been. Rest in peace."



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