Last year, it became official that Tim Hortons was no longer the coffee of choice for Canadians, after a Maclean’s report revealed that the country had moved on to McCafé. Now, with the brand’s controversial decision to implement employee cutbacks in response to Ontario’s new minimum wage increase, it seems that Canadians have even more of a reason to distance themselves from the iconic coffee brand.

The issue has escalated so far that Canadians have been pushing for a total boycott. A movement called “No Timmies Tuesday” has been gaining momentum on social media. It started off as a harmless meme, and gradually materialized into a cause that many Canadians are very passionate about.

Protests are also being scheduled for the Cobourg location which had initially implemented the cutbacks. Organized by members of the District Labour Council, the protest aims to offer support to the employees who have been affected by the franchise’s decision to end paid breaks and other employee benefits.

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“They can’t do this. They can’t punish their employees for the minimum wage increase,” said Lesley Jamieson, a member of the Kingston and District Labour Council, to Global News. “We need to be prepared to go out and stand with these workers.”

Conversely, Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFID) believes that boycotting the brand is not a solution and would only bring more detriment to the already affected workers.

“[Boycotting] will further hurt the very employees that they pretend to be sympathetic towards… they’re certainly not going to be helping those employees they pretend to care about,” he told Global News.

Do you think a boycott is necessary?

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