A Toronto driver took to Reddit recently to share a video of a confrontation they got into with a cyclist. In their post, the driver said that a cyclist had illegally turned right on a red light, and then asked if they had done anything wrong.  However, in the video, you can see that the driver quickly sped up behind the cyclist and an argument ensued. 

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The Redditor got a ton of responses, but not quite the ones they were looking for. It turns out when fellow Redditors saw the video, they got a very different story from it. 

Disclaimer: This video contains swearing and profane language.

The video, captured on the poster's dashcam, shows the driver waiting at a red light and then a cyclist can be seen turning in front of them without stopping for the light, which to the driver's credit is technically illegal. 

But that's not what people are ripping apart. After the driver finally turns right, they begin aggressively speeding up to get right on the tail of the cyclist. The cyclist, understandably angry about this dangerous act then begins yelling and the two end up in a shouting match. 

On Reddit, people are calling out the driver for their dangerous move. They are saying that what the driver did, following that closely behind a cyclist was incredibly dangerous and could have been fatal if they struck the cyclist. They are also saying that the driver should have just left the illegal right turn alone. 

Out of the 50 plus comments on the post, some people see the cyclist being also at fault but almost all of them are calling out the driver for their actions and pointing out what exactly they did wrong since, in fairness, they asked. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

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Toronto has been branded as a dangerous city for cyclists with a number of accidents, near misses, and fatalities throughout the year. 

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