Police are now investigating an altercation that led to two men being assaulted by two hooded suspects in Vaughan, Ontario just a little north of Toronto. The event occurred at a local tire shop when the two suspects came into a store to look for an employee. 

Upon the polices arrival two people had sustained injuries, one in serious conditions. The first victim was assaulted shortly after the suspects entered the store and fled through the front door before they moved to the back and brutally beat another employee. 

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In the security footage, you see two people in black hoodies and grey sweatpants enter the room before they quickly jump on the man sitting on the couch. There is also a black dog that can be seen barking, though there is no sound for the footage. 

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In less than 10 seconds into the video, the person on the couch has been stepped on, shoved, punched, and brutally kicked. The dog also gets trampled on by the suspects, who knock a tire on the animal before it runs away from the scene. 

Via OfficialYRP l YouTube

As if that's not enough, at 0:20 one suspect picks up the tire and literally throws it on top of the victim's head and neck. Tires are not lightweight and that would do some serious damage to one of the body's most vital areas. You can actually see the suspect struggle to pick up the tire, before throwing it, indicating how heavy it really is. 

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While both of the shop's employees were victims of this assault the person beaten with the tire sustained serious injuries from which they may never fully recover. 

While the investigation is ongoing, the York Regional Police have been able to determine that the suspects fled on foot from the shop afterward. The incident occurred at Grip Tires LTD located at 320 Hanlan Road in Vaughan.

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After the assault, the suspects went south on Scholes Road on route to Steeles Avenue. The York Regional Police need help identifying the suspects for the ongoing investigation for assault with a weapon. 

Via OfficialYRP l YouTube

Both suspects are described as a thin black man. The first suspect seen on the left in the photo above was described as a medium build standing at around 5'7'', wearing a black hoodie and black bandana. The second suspect is described as a thin build standing at around 5'1'', wearing a blue hoodie and sunglasses paired with a blue bandana; both men were in grey sweatpants. 

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The GTA has seen a great number of crimes this year with a huge spike compared to 2017 and previous years. Toronto Police just issued a Canda wide warrant for the arrest of 25-year-old Sepehr Yeganehfathollah, the suspected killer of 45-year old  Nader Fadel who was stabbed with a machete in North York. 

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Last month another Toronto man was beaten terribly after spilling a drink in a local bar. The beating landed the man in hospital with life-threatening injuries and now Toronto police are investigating the incident as an attempt of murder

York Regional Police are asking anyone with information on the incident or anyone who recognizes the suspects please come forward and speak to police as soon as possible.

Police can be contacted through the District Criminal Investigations Bureau at 1-866-876-5423 or submit an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips. 

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