While elections have been going on across the country this year, the upcoming mayoral races in Ontario have Police reminding Canadians about some interesting laws. 

It's quite common to place a lawn sign on your property to show solidarity for your favourite candidate and has been done for literally decades. Still, many Canadians may not know that you can actually get charged and arrested for tampering with a lawn sign. 

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According to York Regional Policestealing or damaging an election sign is a criminal offence in Canada that could lead to a criminal record. While you may think it's your right to remove a lawn sign that was placed without your permission, you could not be more wrong. 

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In fact, removal or damaging the sign can actually lead to a theft charge being laid against you and a fine up to $400, according to the Canadian Criminal Code. Of course, you can face jail time if you're a repeat offender or have a criminal record. 

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As the mayoral race pushes on in Toronto, seeing lawn signs is becoming all too common for Canadians. Yet, even if you dislike a candidate, you cannot just trash the sign they place on your lawn. 

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If you have a lawn sign put up on your property without your permission you have to contact the political candidate to have their sign removed. Otherwise, you could possibly gain a criminal record for the wildest reason ever.  

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