So winter is never ending right? The ice storm that hit southern Ontario this weekend has ruined the start to everyone’s week and even managed to shut down the CN tower today.

Pretty soon it’ll be July and we’ll all be going "hey look 5 degrees let’s all hit the beach." Seriously, is this ever going to end?

It seems everyone is so sick of it that they aren’t even doing basic things you do all the time in winter anymore. Like shovelling, or even just brushing off your car before you get in it and drive anywhere. 

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But apparently, there are people just getting in the car today and driving off without even thinking of brushing off the snow from their vehicle.

As a result, there are people driving around with snow on their roof just waiting to be blown off into the windshield of the person behind them or even on their own windshield.  

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Or with ice still on their windscreen and not having nearly a clear enough view to actually drive properly.

Police are actually having to remind people that this stuff is really dangerous.  

You can actually be fined $85 plus a $25 surcharge for not clearing off your windshield properly.

And no, 'properly' does not mean scratching out a tiny little peephole 10 seconds before you get in the car.  

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So before you head out for the day, do yourself and everyone else on the road a favour and clean your car off properly.

We all know it sucks to do be doing it in April but the inconvenience is worth not getting in a crash or getting fined. 

Source: CityNews, Globe and Mail

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