The Toronto Police are currently responding to a reported shooting at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The police have confirmed via Twitter that the mall is currently being evacuated. 

The Toronto Police have also confirmed that there are multiple suspects and have released their descriptions. The investigation is still ongoing. 

Police have reported that the incident occurred in the east side of the mall and that they are currently looking for witnesses. This includes looking through security footage, as well as photos and videos taken on cell phones to help the public identify the suspects. 

Trains are currently bypassing Yorkdale Subway station on the TTC due to the ongoing police investigation. 

The gunshots could be heard on multiple social media stories. Other stories showed workers locked in closets and following safety procedures. 

No injuries have been reported as a result of the shooting but the mall will be closed for the remainder of the day Thursday. 

As of Saturday, August 25, Toronto has fallen victim to 273 shootings as gun violence is on the rise in the city. On May 27 of this year, the city had only seen 162 shootings, meaning the past three months of summer there have been 111 shootings in Toronto. 

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