The story of Bruce McArthur sounds completely surreal when you actually read of how meticulous he was about his crimes. Taking the lives of numerous men while duping the police who were, for the most part, none of the wiser of what was going on. Though, since he has been caught it's clear that it wasn't necessarily the police stumbling upon some hidden clue like in a Criminal Minds episode, but rather McArthur finally slipping up- big time.

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McArthur was very hush-hush about his activity online when finding the men who would eventually become his victims. He would never speak online using his real name, left zero conversation history, avoided speaking on the cellphone and opted to use pay phones if he had to makes calls.

He even made sure to never meet people from online in areas where there were surveillance cameras. Making it nearly impossible for police to ever know that he had interacted with his victims prior to their disappearance. It was also mentioned that McArthur purposely targetted men who kept a low profile themselves, people who didn't have a fixed address or hadn't come out to their families yet.

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McArthur's attention to detail when it came to his crime let him slip out from the cracks when he met with police on three different occasions in 2001, 2013 and 2016 (though two instances were not related to the men he is now being accused of killing). While he did get a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon due to an episode where he beat a male sex worker with a pipe in 2001, that's all he got along with a ban from visiting the gay village. The police were oblivious to his double life as a serial killer.

Though it was the murder of Andrew Kinsman in 2017 that is being pinpointed as his "downfall." Kinsman was especially popular in the Toronto Gay Village. The 49-year-old was a LGBTQ+ activist who also volunteered with the People with Aids Toronto and Toronto HIV/AIDS Network in between his time as a bartender at the Black Eagles.

When he went missing, his family and friends reported it to the police within 3 days and organized massive searches both with and without the police. It was how fast the police began looking into the disappearance that caused them to soon after link two and two together, finally arresting McArther on January 18th.

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Since then McArthur has been slammed with 6 counts of first-degree murder while the police are still waiting for the seventh victim to be identified. The source who gave this information is convinced that if McArthur hadn't chosen Kinsman as his target, he may have never been caught.

Source: National Post

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