Canadians might have a new way to get around this year,  as talks about popular ride-sharing service Lyft might expand into the Canadian market. 

According to The Information, Lyft is expected to enter Canada as soon as the end of this year and, if things go according to plan.

Ride-sharing in Canada is currently monopolized by Uber, so bringing in Lyft would definitely cause some tensions between the US operated companies.

via @lyft

However, Lyft could come as a welcomed addition to Canadian streets, as it's not only known for being a safer ride-share option but also for the treatment of its drivers. 

Lyft has a stringent background check policy in place for its drivers, while also ensuring each of its drivers with a $1 million USD liability policy.

The company has also introduced its new emblem, Amp, which is their secret to smooth pickups. Rather than a hard to see decal (like what Uber uses), Lyft uses a light up dashboard device that makes it easy for passengers and drivers to find each other.

via @lyft

Expanding into Canada would be the San Fransisco-based company's first venture outside of the US market since launching in 2012.  And according to BetaKit, there are rumours circulating in the tech community saying that Toronto would be Lyft’s Canadian launch market.

Source: BetaKit

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