It's the holidays and everyone's doing a bit more online shopping than usual. Now that online shopping orders are arriving at their destinations, thieves have been banking off of peoples' purchases by stealing them off their front porches. Halton Police have warned that "porch pirates" are starting to make a comeback throughout the GTA. 

Now that Cyber Monday packages are hitting doorsteps, so are the porch pirates.

The most recent images of the latest suspect were just released by Halton Police.

A man in a grey hoodie and a blue baseball cap was seen stealing packages off of peoples' front stoops in Milton.

It happened in the Louis St. Laurent and Bronte St. area, and police are asking for assistance in finding or identifying the Grinch-like culprit. 

The man was spotted driving a white SUV, which is believed to be an Acura MDX. 

While these porch pirates are working towards ruining Christmas this year, it's not the first time that Ontarians have had to deal with these thieves. 

During the last holiday season, we saw the same thing happening.

A Toronto man was arrested last year after going on a stealing spree right before Christmas, while over 17 porch thefts were investigated in Edmonton in one month.

Halton Police tweeted out a warning on Thursday, "Cyber Monday packages have started arriving... and unfortunately so have the 'Porch Pirates'"

Officers are now asking residents to keep a lookout for other suspicious activity throughout this time of year, especially since multiple packages have been taken. 

Despite the sombre tone of the thefts, Police were still able to make light of the incident but posting a mocking photo of pirate beside the actual thief. 

However, when it comes to stopping these thieves, CTV News reports that often times doorbell cameras aren't enough. Especially since many suspects conceal their faces before stealing your Christmas presents. 

However, some ways to curbs these thieves would be to send the package to your work, or to relatives who are home throughout the day. 

You can also request that your delivery driver get your signature before delivery. 

CTV News also reported that thefts are getting so bad that you can soon get yourself a Delivery Pod which will lock after a delivery has been made to your address.

If you have any information on the Milton suspect, you are encouraged to contact the police by email, or phone 905 825 4747. 

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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