Canadians across the country love BeaverTails® . The flakey and sugar pastry is a treat that we have all come to enjoy due to its deliciousness and how authentically Canadian it is. So, we're excited to share that BeaverTails just got even more Canadian. 

As part of La Poutine Week, BeaverTails®  is releasing their own BeaverTail®  Poutine to get into the festival spirit. Canadians will soon be able to enjoy the PouTail, which frankly sounds weird, but honestly, it's going to be the most delicious thing ever. 

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The PouTail is essentially Canadian style poutine on top of a classic BeaverTail®  pastry. They will use their signature poutine for the recipe. 

Before you get too excited, remember that La Poutine Week is literally only here for a week, furthermore, BeaverTails®  in Toronto is only participating in La Poutine Week for a portion of the week, so you'll need to make sure you check out the Toronto location this weekend if you want to try the uber Canadian treat. 

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The PouTail will be available in Toronto at the BeaverTails®  Toronto Waterfront only from February 1 to February 3, 2019. Yes, they'll only be available for the first weekend of La Poutine Week.

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If you're in Montreal or Ottawa, you'll also get a chance to grab some delicious poutine. The BeaverTails®  Premium Outlets in Montreal will have the PouTail available on opening weekend from February 1 to February 3. 

If you're in Ottawa, you're in luck! You get an entire week of poutine BeaverTails® . The BeaverTails®  located in Tanger Outlets in Ottawa will serve the PouTail from February 1 to February 7, 2019.

If you're not interested in Poutine BeaverTails, you can check this list for all of the restaurants in Canada that are participating in La Poutine Week. 

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