We hate to tell you this while you're already suffering from post-long weekend blues, but there's going to be major backup on Highway 401 this afternoon.

Ontario Police Sergeant Kerry Schmidt just announced that the right two lanes will remain blocked until 5 PM today.

Cleanup crews are on the scene of a collision approaching Mavis Rd., where a truck appears to have crashed through a concrete barrier. The two lane closure begins at Mississauga Road. 

Via @OPP_HSD, Twitter

If you're heading east out of Mississauga this afternoon, prepare to take an alternate route, or sit in unbearable traffic.

According to commuter traffic updates, you can expect severe delays right now along the eastbound 401. Right now, it'll take up to half an hour to travel from Highway 25 in Oakville to Winston Churchill Blvd., compared to the usual 8 minutes in without traffic.

Via Mike Clegg

As you approach the closure, 35 minute delays are in effect. Travel times from Winston Churchill Blvd. to Highway 410 are at about 42 minutes, compared to 7 minutes.  Delays are expected to get worse as the afternoon goes on.

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