If you were wondering how much farther the world could take "Megxit," the 6ix just dropped the mic. A Toronto-based Instagram account has now begun sharing pictures of two eerily life-like wax figures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The replicas of the couple can be seen travelling around various landmarks, and it is as random as it sounds. 

The account, which goes by the name royalstakethe6, has only three posts so far, which show the wax figures visiting the CN Tower and the Steam Whistle Brewery.

One of the photographs even shows the faux Harry and Meghan looking out at the city from atop the world-famous observation tower.

Narcity reached out to the owner of the account to get some information on the wax figures. However, it appears whoever runs the operation is staying a mystery. 

In fact, Narcity was messaged by the wax figures themselves, who told us about their journies around the 6ix so far. 

"Thanks for following along with our travels. We are just getting settled into our new home and are enjoying visiting the sights of the 6... Stay tuned for where we go next," royalstakethe6 wrote to Narcity after being asked for a comment.

When asked about the future plans for the models, we weren't any closer to getting to the source of the mysterious endeavour.

"At this time, we do not have a definitive itinerary—we're simply casually enjoying this side of the pond," was one response.

However, the wax couple did reveal that they have yet to choose a favourite landmark in the city so far, "Hard to say a favorite, but we are loving the support and excitement from this community!"


While the wax couple seems to be enjoying their stay in Toronto, they are missing a very important part of their family.

When asked if baby wax Archie would making any appearances with his parents, the account had to say, "Archie is in loving hands at home as we take this short getaway as a couple."

While the wax figures of the royal couple are enjoying their stay in Toronto, the real couple has been facing some controversy surrounding the decision to step back from the royal family.

According to the National Post, the couple has had little luck escaping the public eye since migrating to Canada.

The pair went as far as to issue a warning to paparazzi who have reportedly been camping outside their home.

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