Queen's U knows how to party, as this weekend's homecoming that resulted in 33 arrests and 330 charges clearly shows it. 

Police raided homecoming celebrations this past Friday and Saturday, seizing three kegs and arresting dozens of attendees for public intoxication and/or disturbing the peace. 

Of the 330 charges laid against the homecoming partiers, 307 charges were direct violations of the Liquor Licence Act, including things like alcohol open in public, public intoxication, or underage drinking. 

Kingston Police assured the public that it was controlling the large crowds and disturbances as quickly as possible, taking to Twitter to display some of the security footage of the mayhem on the streets. 

In a statement published today, Police Chief Gilles Larochelle said he was "extremely proud" of the Kingston Police force's efforts to "ensure public safety and order." 

Queen's students have a history of getting more than a little wild during homecoming. The university resumed homecoming celebrations in 2013 after a 5-year hiatus due to140 arrests police made during the 2008 homecoming celebrations. 

But it looks like Dalhousie students had more than their share of fun, too. In a very similar fashion, Dal U students were arrested for off-campus celebrations occupying nearby neighbourhoods this past weekend. With an estimated 2,000 partiers crowding the streets, local police arrested 22 individuals and distributed countless fines after rowdy party-goers displayed public intoxication and chanted obscenities at police.

The moral of these stories? Don't go to homecoming. 

Sources:  CP24, The Star 


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