If you're the kind of person that really doesn't want to keep dealing with raccoons in Toronto, there's bad news. Apparently, the city's trash pandas have started moving into apartments. At least, that's the impression given by a video posted on the Parkdale Life Instagram account.

The video shows a family of raccoons happily settling into their new home, which probably already belongs to someone else. Not that raccoons have ever cared about intruding on someone's property, especially in Toronto. Still, this seems like an especially brave act on their part.

Plenty of Toronto residents reacted to the video, mostly riffing on the fact that these raccoons might have just as hard a time living in a Toronto apartment as anyone else does.

Torontonians, of course, have a complicated relationship with raccoons, having been named the raccoon capital of the world back in 2018. While the city's residents often get frustrated with the furry bandits (especially when they're breaking into green bins that are supposed to keep them out), they also begrudgingly accept them as a way of life. Enough so that when a dead raccoon was left on the street, Torontonians created a shrine around it.

The fact of the matter is that raccoons aren't going anywhere. Due to climate change, their populations are only getting larger and moving into more northern territories. 

Of course, the raccoons were here first, so really Torontonians are just living in their world. It might just be time to accept the fact that demand for Toronto rentals has finally reached the animal world. They've already figured out how to get into a "secure" trash bin. It was only a matter of time before they started apartment hunting.

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