Wearing a mask has become fairly routine. However, some people still will not do it, and the confrontations can get ugly. One of the most recent incidents involves a man going on a  racist rant to store employees at a Toronto mall after being told to wear a face covering.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The entire scene was caught on video at the Gerrard Square Shopping Centre and posted to YouTube on September 4.

At the beginning, the man can be heard talking loudly and swearing, saying "I go to her f***ing country and save them from f***ing shooting each other, and she f***ing comes here thinking she controls s***."

He then accuses the staff of wanting to cause a scene. When they tell him that what he's saying is racist, he replies, "you don't even know what racism is, that's not racism, that's reality."

The employees tell the man that he is required to wear a mask in the store, but he says he doesn't have to and mentions "people with medical exemptions."

The customer then pulls out his own phone and begins filming the two women, who try to walk away from the situation. However, he follows them down the aisle.

When one of them asks him to stay six feet away from her, he replies, "you stay six feet away from, you're dirtier than me, you don't even flush the toilet, you're dirty."

"You pray five times a day, you clean your a*****, you don't flush the toilet, you're dirty," the customer says as he walks away. The video ends at that point.

The video was posted to a Leslieville Facebook group, with the caption "Uhhhh.... I feel so bad for these ladies. Where tf does this trash guy work - his boss might want to know what kind of nonsense they’re hiring. Gross."

This is not the first time that a customer has made racist remarks after being asked to wear a mask in a business.

In July, another man went on a racist rant in a Mississauga grocery store when he was asked to cover his face.

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