Things got a little messy on Wednesday afternoon. The rainstorm in Toronto caused flash flooding and even knocked down trees. Since the storm, videos have appeared online that show residents fighting the flood. 

If you missed the storm that rocked through the 6ix last night, you might want to consider yourself lucky. 

Throughout the evening, multiple roads began to fill with water and a tornado watch was put in effect.

Environment Canada predicted that up to 70 millimetres of water could fall in a short amount of time, which quickly led to some flash flooding. 

The storm also brought strong winds, which even managed to knock down trees and powerlines. 

Once the sudden weather event passed, hundreds were still left without any power on Thursday morning. 

Toronto Hydro stated that multiple downed wires were the culprit to preventing people from making their morning coffees. 

However, it seems that there is no amount of torrential rain warnings or tornado watches that can be issued to keep Torontonians indoors. 

Multiple videos began appearing online that showed residents attempting to fight the flood throughout the evening. 

Multiple cars were caught stuck in floods, and some residents even found some creative ways to deal with getting around the water. 

One video captured some local garbage men trying to make the most of the situation by having a dance party in the rain. 

While it didn't stop them from getting completely drenched, at least it added a bit of fun to the soggy situation. 


Toronto Police even warned that one person was spotted floating down the water-filled roadway in a canoe. 

Other videos showcase cars attempting to make it through the puddles and getting stuck. 

While one video even captured a vehicle racing a garbage bin down the hill. 

Despite the storm, the Weather Network is still calling for some hot weather over the next few weeks. 

In fact, Toronto is on its way to having one of the longest stretches of heat on record. 

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