As we already know, a few superstars have been forced to reschedule their shows at the Scotiabank Arena to allow the Raptors to host their very first NBA Finals. However, one Toronto artist has taken it a step further and willingly postponed his own concert at Echo Beach because it falls on the same day as one of the NBA Finals games. Showing his Raptor's spirit, Toronto rapper Nav has decided to postpone the show so his fans can cheer on the Raptors. 

Although the venue was able to remain open during the game, Nav didn't want his concert to fall on the same night that the Raptors will be playing the Golden State Warriors in Toronto in Game 5, which would force his fans to choose between him and the Raptors. 

According to the Toronto Star, the concert, which was set to be on Monday, June 10 has now been moved to Saturday, July 6 for the "city to come together and cheer on our team."

According to Nav's Twitter account, he stated that "In honor of my home team @raptors and playoffs game 5 I'm moving my show that night to July 6." He then proceeded to wish the Raptors luck in the finals by stating, "Go Raptors."

Of course, all tickets that were purchased to see Nav on Echo Beach next week will be honored at the new show that will be taking place next month. This way, both Nav's fans, and the rapper will be able to cheer on their team throughout Game 5.

Nav is a Toronto Rapper who is currently touring with his Bad Habits album that hit No. 1 on Billboard earlier this year. Nav has also been nominated for two Juno Awards. 

While Nav chose to postpone his concert for the Raptors, other artists have been forced to do so over the past few weeks. As the Raptors moved into the finals, many artists who were booked to play at the Scotiabank Arena had to postpone their shows to clear the stadium for the Raptors. 

According to CTV News, some of the artists who got bumped were Carrie Underwood, Twenty One Pilots, and The Who. 

This isn't the first time that artists have been forced to move their concerts for a sports game. The Stanley Cup is also known for bumping shows throughout Canada and the United States every year. 

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