A Raptors fan named Tristian Warkentin went viral for all the wrong reasons after Game 2 of the NBA Finals in Toronto. Warkentin shouted a version of "FHRITP" about Ayesha Curry during a live television interview with CP24 on Sunday. According to the Raptors fan, Ayesha deserves an apology for his behaviour, and so does the rest of Toronto.

“What I am trying to do is maybe reach out to Mr. and Mrs. Curry, and that’s realistically who I feel I owe an apology to — and maybe Toronto,” Warkentin said during an interview with the Toronto Sun.

Warkentin's interview clip quickly went viral with many people calling on Toronto authorities to take action. The Raptors fan is hoping to be forgiven for his behaviour, which he claims was the direct result of him being under the “influence of alcohol.”

“I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms of what happened. I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol,” Warkentin, a salesman from Ottawa, said to the Toronto Sun. “What I did was disgraceful; it was an alcohol-influenced situation.”

Internet backlash isn’t the only thing that Warkentin has to deal with.  According to CBC, Toronto Police recently launched an investigation into the fan’s comments after the reporter he was speaking with at the time, CP24’s Kelly Linehan, filed a formal complaint against him.

As of right now, no charged have been laid against  Warkentin. Ayesha Curry, who is the wife of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, has so far ignored the situation entirely.

Warkentin says that he doesn’t think he will be charged criminally for action. The fan told the Toronto Sun that he had spoken with his lawyer who informed him his behaviour does not fall under the Canadian Criminal Code.

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