In the midst of the hype that surrounds the Toronto Raptors' road to the NBA championship, some fans are proving their dedication and loyalty to the team in unconventional ways.  One fan, for example, felt it was apt to get a tattoo of Kawhi Leonard's "squat" - you know, when he crouched down and stuck his tongue out in anticipation of his now world-famous buzzer beater shot - on his leg.

Kristian, the owner of Anbu Tattoo Studio in Toronto, spent approximately nine hours tattooing Ian, a manager at the studio, in response to Ian's request to receive the Kawhi Leonard tattoo after Sunday night's thrilling game against the 76ers.

"A lot of people are saying he's just going to leave us or we might get swept the next round.  But, my thought process is we've had years of misery as a Raptors fan, and this is the first moment something finally went in for us," said Ian to CP24.

Ian also claims that he guarantees he won't be feeling any "tattoo remorse" if Kawhi ends up moving on from the Raptors next season. "No matter what, he gave us the best moment we've ever had in Raptors history. So we're appreciating the moment."

"Some people were saying it's not a championship, it's not even an Eastern Final. But it's a game 7. It's history. So we're happy with that."

The tattoo has gone viral on social media, receiving attention from fans and critics around the world.

Not everyone's in complete support of the tattoo, though:

Although the tattoo may not be everyone's taste, you gotta applaud this devoted fan for his commitment to Kawhi Leonard!

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