We’ve all seen some pretty reckless driving in Canada, regardless of which province we live in. But, a new video shows just how little some people pay attention to the rules of the road these days.

A dash cam video from Toronto shows a car get in nearly three separate collisions in the span of just a few seconds.

The whole thing is utterly terrifying to watch and is a scary reminder that people like this are actually given divers licences somehow. 

Via Michael Entel

In the video, everything seems to be just fine a first. All cars are travelling in their lanes with no noticeable problems.

But at around the 40-second mark of the video, a grey Lexus SUV suddenly veers dangerously in front of the car recording the dash cam footage. The driver of the Lexus  does not signal their wish to change lanes at any point.

The Lexus proceeds to floor it towards an intersection before slamming on the brakes and nearly running into the side of a car passing through the intersection. 

Via Michael Entel

But wait, it gets worse. The Lexus driver, now stopped nearly in the middle of the intersection, decides to reverse back behind the stop line.

The driver clearly didn’t look behind them, though, because they almost back their car over a pedestrian using the crosswalk. 

Via Michael Entel

The pedestrian has to run out of the way of the Lexus as it moves backwards.

You can watch the video below. It doesn't appear that anyone was injured in any of the close calls.

This is the latest in a long list of dangerous driving that's been caught on video in Toronto. 

Other incidents include a motorcycle and car hitting head-on, with the motorcycle rider flipping through the air.

There was also a video of what appears to be an Uber Eats driver colliding with a pedestrian this year as well.  

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