What's a pattern Torontonians hate but are accustomed to hearing about? Why, it's a Rob Ford debacle of course. So what exactly is the issue this time, or dare I say, this week?

Well, the Ward 2 Councillor has admitted to using the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane while driving alone Wednesday. HOV Lanes have been set up on the highway for the Pan Am Games, which restricts the use of the lane to at least two people per vehicle from 5am to 11pm. Although it makes the morning drive a hassle, police and games officials have requested Toronto drivers allow athletes to reach their venues in an efficient manner.

Ford however, is not afraid to flaunt that "you have to watch the cops over your shoulder and just sort of bob and weave" since "those things are a pain in the rear end". Now that's what we call a Fordtacular response. If it hasn't been obvious thus far, we can only expect so much from Ford.

For those who ignore the Highway Traffic Act, unlike Ford, there are consequences. The penalties for improperly using the HOV lanes is an ugly fine of $110 on roads patrolled by the provincial police and 3 demerit points and $85 on roads patrolled by the Toronto police. Thus my fellow drivers, do not as Rob Ford does and please obey the traffic laws.

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