The Ford family is no stranger to controversy, and now Renata Ford, the widow of former mayor Rob Ford has been convicted on impaired driving charges. 

After pleading guilty to an impaired driving charge back in 2016 and narrowly escaping jail, on Wednesday Ford was sentenced to a two year driving ban, 100 hours of community service and a $1100 fine. All of her vehicles must have an interlocking device and she cannot drive with any alcohol in her system for three years. 

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This is not Ford's first conviction. Back in 1997 she refused to take a breathalyzer test, and in 2005 she was also charged with impaired driving. Initially prosecutors had recommended that Ford spend 45 days in jail. 

Back in 2016 Ford hit a vehicle near the entrance of Humbertown Plaza at Kingsway and Royal York Rd. Witnesses ran over to assist her after she pulled over. Initially Ford pleaded with witnesses not to contact the police before demanding a cigarette and walking over to a nearby LCBO where store managers refused to sell her any alcohol. 

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In court Ford's lawyer argued that Ford should avoid jail time because she was remorseful and no one was injured in the accident, with Ford telling the judge, "I'm truly sorry for my actions." 

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Renata Ford is currently suing her brother-in-law Premier Doug Ford for $16.5 million saying that he deprived her of millions of dollars, shares in the family business and a life insurance policy left behind to support her and her children. 

When asked what she thought of her brother-in-law's election win Ford told reporters, "no comment." 

Source: Toronto Star

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