This sounds intense. Run Around Toronto is happening literally around the city today and the distance is more than three back to back marathons. The race is raising money for COVID-19 relief in Canada.

Mark Carey and Claire Heslop are running 135 kilometres around Toronto's border today in support of the Canadian Red Cross.

That's like three marathons back to back plus an extra 10 kilometres all in one go.

The route follows the city's perimeter as closely as possible.

Heslop told the Toronto Star that doing this with somebody else while also keeping a safe distance apart will be helpful in terms of encouragement.

Carey is an internet consultant who's been participating in ultramarathons since 2013 and he came up with the idea for this during a long run around Toronto.

Heslop is an ER doctor who's longest single-stage race was 386 kilometres and took almost four days.

"Mark's event is a perfect way for us to get out and use our sport to create meaning, which we're really thirsty for," she said. "It might be on pavement, there may be no mountains, but it has a lot of meaning."

So far, they have raised more than $6,000 for individuals, families and communities that need support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carey told Canadian Running that he thought it would only be a 70K or a 90K route when he first came up with the idea.

Then he actually mapped it out and figured out just how long it would be.

Heslop considers this to be a medium distance event.

Both athletes will have friends stopping by along the route to check in on them and also give them water and food.

They aren't planning to take any napping breaks during the run but they'll stop to refuel.

Most people finish a marathon is four to five hours and considering this run is three of those back to back plus 10 kilometres, it'll take them a while to finish.

You can see just how long the route is here.

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