We all love Tim Hortons... I mean we do when it's Roll Up The Rim To Win season at least. Their double-doubles are almost as stereotypically Canadian as hockey, maple syrup, or beavers these days.   

Which is at least part of the reason why a lot of students at Ryerson University are not very happy that the school's decision to close ALL FIVE of the Tim Horton's locations on campus. That's right, if you want your early morning coffee next year you'll have to do it off campus.  

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The decision reportedly comes at the same time that the school is thinking about introducing an all-you-can-eat option for meal plans, according to The Eyeopener. 

There's no word on what the cost of the meal plan would be at this moment but expect it to be more expensive than the $3,895 gold plan that Ryerson adversities' on its website (which will reportedly buy you 14 meals a week).    

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While meal plans are mandatory for all students who live on residence, the all you can eat option wouldn't be. Students would still have a variety of options to pick from based on their individual needs  

For any caffeine addicts going to Ryerson, reportedly one of the Timmies will be turned into a Starbucks self-serve. For students who cannot live without Timmies there is a location at Victoria and Dundas that is at least walking distance from campus.

Sources: Ryerson, The Eyeopener, Ryersonian

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