It seems that the world is slowly catching up and trying to fix the mistakes it's made in the past with the lack of representation for the LBGTQ+ community. Suffice to say that just about every institution in our society has made some pretty serious missteps when it came to how to creating a positive spotlight on the community and its members. 

Today Ryerson University is taking steps to recognize one group from the LGBTQ+ more than ever before in its history. 

The university announced today that it would be introducing a new scholarship for transgendered people. But not just any trans people.  

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The scholarship will only be open to transgendered people who also come from racial minorities. The first of its kind.   

The scholarship will run for at least the next 5 school years and will give each years winner $1,000 as a reward. 

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Now before people start going 'the criteria to qualify is way too specific!' lets look at why the school decided to do this.  

Back in 2015 transgendered woman and Somali Canadian Sumaya Dalmar was found dead in the east end of the city.   

Dalmar faced a lot of issues in the city relating to transphobia, Islamophobia and racism.

After her death her friend and Ryerson graduate Lali Mohamed helped set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a memorial. 

They continued to receive money after reaching their goal and so came up with the idea of a scholarship in memory of Dalmar.     

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There are other scholarships in Canada which Transgenders can apply for but until no there has been nothing specifically for racialized trans students. 

So good job to everyone who helped put this together.  

Source: CP24

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