Anyone who has attended a college or university class in their life will tell you that it's a very stressful experience on the best of days. 

However, some Ryerson students are getting more than just an education when they attend class. On top of trying to focus in a long and information filled lecture, they're apparently also getting bitten by bugs. 

Ksenia Chpaka, a third-year media production student, was apparently bitten by a termite looking bug while attending a class in room 205 of the Victoria Building last semester. Other students apparently also noticed the bugs as well, she said. 

Imagine, you sit down you're all ready to learn even though you're exhausted and stressed out from staying up too late the night before writing a paper and in class you're being eaten alive by some bug.   

She had to go to the doctor to get cream to help her get rid of the bug bites, she said.  

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This semester another student, Stefanie Phillips, says she was also bitten by a termite-looking bug in the same room of the Victoria building. Her hand got very red and itchy after, she said.

She says she reported the incident to Ryerson’s department of facilities, management and development, who are now looking into whether or not the room as some kind of infestation.

Source: The Eyeopener

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