People who got a taste of going back to the Beach must be disappointed. With Sauble Beach closed due to concerns of crowding, people might be tempted to sneak back for their own private parties. They'll face big fines if they do, though.

A June 26 tweet from OPP West Region confirms that trespassers on the beach will have to pay a hefty price.

"#GreyBruceOPP and South Bruce Peninsula Bylaw officers will be enforcing current beach closure at Sauble Beach.
***Until further notice the beach area of Sauble Beach is CLOSED*** The fine for trespassing on the beach - $750. Obey posted signs," it reads.

The popular beach had been reopened when Ontario entered stage 2. 

However, after a couple of weekends of being open to the general public, the area was closed back down.

This was due to overcrowding and people not following the rules, things that South Bruce Peninsula Mayor Janice Jackson attributed to people coming from out of town.

Toronto's beaches saw a similar problem once they were allowed to open again.

Crowds of people flocked to the shore, only to leave behind mounds of garbage.

Mayor John Tory denounced this behaviour and asked everyone to be more responsible.

Most of Ontario entered its second stage of reopening on June 15, with the exception of Toronto, Peel Region, and Windsor-Essex.

Those areas began their own second phase on June 24, meaning that Toronto patios and hair salons could finally open once again.

Ottawa also announced that it would be reopening all of its beaches starting this week. The city's public health unit also said it would continue its regular testing of the water for E. coli.

As more outdoor areas become available to people, it will be more important than ever to treat them responsibly and follow the rules.

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