Driving to Toronto's most popular hot spots can be frustrating at certain times of the year. This summer, it may be particularly hard to find a parking spot near one of the most beloved scenic landmarks in the city - the Scarborough Bluffs. According to new reports by Toronto.com, driving to Scarborough Bluffs may be extra difficult to do this year.

The Bluffer's Park and Beach are typically always busy in the warmer months, but since there are little to no driving restrictions set in place in the area, it hasn't been much of an issue for visitors. However, local councillor Gary Crawford is now proposing seasonal “no standing” zones, which would prevent drivers from stopping their vehicles in the area except to abide by traffic laws.

Crawford put forth his proposal on May 22nd. The streets that have been proposed as “no standing” zones include both sides of Brimley from St. Clair Avenue East to Kingston. He is also fighting to block traffic across the Kingston and Brimley intersection at Brimley Road North from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekends and holidays from the start of May until the end of September. Turning west on Brimley South from Kingston would also be prohibited.

Blocking traffic at the Kingston and Brimley intersection won't make it impossible to access the Bluffs, but it does appear to rob drivers of the most convenient route. 

The TTC kick-started a weekend and holiday transport service to the area back in 2018 which sent buses to the area between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM from Kennedy Station. TTC vehicles would not face the same restrictions as regular drivers, in the hopes of encouraging people to take transit and improve traffic conditions in the area.

Finding parking spots at the Scarborough Bluffs has always been a task and a half. It’s so bad that on-duty police officers are often paid just to hang around Kingston Road to block access to the stretch of Brimley Road South which leads to Bluffer's Park.

Toronto.com reports that last year, many visitors chose to park illegally, accepting the $15 ticket. However, enforcing a “no standing” rule would increase fines to $100. It also gives authorities the right to tow vehicles quicker if they see fit, making legal parking a must for visitors. 

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