A “Free Scarborough Campaign” has been started by one Scarborough resident who is dissatisfied with the Toronto city council’s management of the district.

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Rob McDermott is a real estate agent in who wants Scarborough to separate from Toronto. He believes that Scarborough’s amalgamation to the city has only led to disadvantageous changes, such as tax increases and diminishing services. His rationale behind the proposed de-amalgamation is that it would help to “restore accessible, local government” for Scarborough, so that its citizens can manage their own local affairs.

Though, some politicians do not believe a de-amalgamation is the solution. They believe that changes need to made to improve government structure into one that people are actually satisfied with.

Scarborough had amalgamated with Toronto in 1998 under legislation passed by former premier Mike Harris. While the ultimate goal was to save the province money, the move upset many citizens who have since fought for a reversal of the decision.

McDermott’s campaign has only received 90 signatures so far online, and just over 3,000 signatures from door-to-door efforts. He hopes to gain enough signatures by 2017.


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