Toronto police stormed into a Scarborough gym that was protesting the city-wide lockdown order on Thursday morning.

Express Fitness posted on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon that they were hosting a "peaceful protest and workout" on Thursday at 12 p.m. in defiance of the lockdown order that instructed all gyms in Toronto to close.

Express Fitness is one of two businesses that have posted publically about staying open amid the lockdown after Etobicoke's Adamson Barbecue made headlines for doing just that.

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"EXPRESS FITNESS supports [a] healthy and active lifestyle, and facilities that boost immune system ARE ESSENTIAL AND SHOULD BE OPEN!" the company said on their Instagram.

Whereas the scene at Adamson's restaurant was chaotic, the vibe at Express Fitness was a lot more relaxed, despite the police showing up. 

Still, one protestor can be heard calling the police "utterly ridiculous" through a loudspeaker. 

"Why are students being made to do gym online?" the speaker shouts. "Robbing children, robbing adults, of physical activity."

"Sitting is the new smoking, friends," they say.

While officers spoke to employees inside the building, a dozen or so people continued their workout in the front parking lot, seemingly despite the police presence.

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