While Canadian Winters have always felt neverending, the current Winter we're all experiencing seems way longer than usual. Especially considering the April showers one would expect came in the form of freezing rain this past weekend, turning the entire country into a shit show.

Unfortunately, while there is science backing the reason why Winter feels like it's lasting 5 years instead of 5 months, it doesn't look like the science is showing signs of the cold weather stopping anytime soon.

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According to scientists, the extended Winter has got to do with the Arctic, as the lack of Winter there has resulted in much more of it in Canada. With climate change continuing to evolve, climatologists are claiming that this kind of weather is very much the future for Canada. That being "long stretches of freakishly unseasonable weather that flips to something else on a dime."

The claims make sense considering this Winter has been an odd one. Back in December scientists were expecting one of the warmest ones on record, that is until the temperature fell through the floor to -30°C where Canadians had to endure ridiculously cold weather for several days.

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So what exactly does this sporadic weather have to do with the Arctic? Well scientists claim that before climate change began to severely impact the environment and weather, the icy air from the Arctic would be held back from Canada thanks to a strong river of air that is regarded as the "jet stream."

The "jet stream" works so long as there is a difference in temperature between the Arctic and mid-latitudes, but because global warming is causing the Arctic to warm up, the "jet stream" is severely weakened. Meaning all that freezing Arctic air is moving towards Canada and giving us ice storms in the middle of April.

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Unfortunately, with more of the Arctic melting and little to no recovery of what once was, it's clear that the effects that climate change is having in the Arctic are seriously affecting weather in Canada. With that, these insane shifts in weather could very well turn into the norm.

So with all of this in mind, it seems as though Canada better start accommodating to reverse or at least slow down the effects of climate change unless we want to be wearing parkas until May.

Source: Huff Post Canada

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