In the past, autonomous cars might have seemed like something from a sci-fi movie or an episode of Futurama. But in recent years, this technology has not only become realistic, it is now a reality right here in Toronto.

Self-driving vehicles are coming to Toronto in future plans for the city, and in some parts of the GTA, they have already arrived.

Earlier this week, Uber began testing autonomous cars on Toronto streets near the UofT campus. As part of their road-mapping project, Uber is testing out these vehicles to learn more about the driverless technology for future use in the company. But no need to freak out - while these cars were being tested, a driver is always present behind the wheel in the event of a malfunction.

While being used, these driverless cars function on autonomous mode as needed. And with progress in driverless technology progressing and people gaining confidence in its safety, it might become a commonplace fixture of Toronto transportation.

At least that's what the developers of Toronto's futuristic Quayside community are envisioning. The CEO of the company behind Toronto's new high-tech neighbourhood has stated that autonomous cars could replace privately owned vehicles in the Quayside smart city.

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Daniel Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, claims that driverless cars will be a core feature of Toronto's smart city, stating "The streets will be narrower and the streets will be safer...[and autonomous cars will] eliminate much of the infrastructure that clutters up a street," such as traffic signs, road markings and street lights.

So who knows. The future of Toronto could be much more futuristic than we can imagine!

Source: Global News, The Star

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