On the world stage, Toronto stands out for a lot of reasons, but did you know being the sexiest city in Canada is one of them? According to a recent study by Big 7 Travel, the 6ix ranks 19th on a list of the 50 Sexiest Cities in the World. Believe it or not, single Torontonians are actually having sex at twice the national average.

The rankings were determined by a series of statistical studies, including the cities that have the most sex, the best cities for single people, the highest number of romantic date night spots, and the most sexual online searches.

It seems that even in a city where the fun never ends and every day brings something new and exciting, many Torontonians would rather stay in under the sheets.

"Singles in Toronto have twice as much sex as the national average," reads a blurb on the city on the Big 7 Travel website. "While there's plenty to do in Toronto, it seems as though people love staying inside to indulge in other delights."

Head of Content at Big 7 Media, Sarah Clayton-Lea, tells Narcity that a study by Elite Singles further confirms the city's desire to get down and dirty.

"Elite Singles found that single people in Toronto have the third-highest libido in the country, according to results from people who were asked to what extent they agreed to the following statement: 'I have a strong desire for sex.'"

Clayton-Lea goes on to share other stats from Pink Cherry that found that Ontario as a whole is consistently ranked as one of the top regions in Canada for purchasing sex toys.

Who knew?

Furthermore, the adult site LoveHoney also received its highest number of site visits from Toronto. The city's obsessed, clearly.

It's worth noting that although Toronto is "the sexiest city in Canada" by some distance, according to this study, Vancouver also made the list, albeit coming in at a far less horny 41st. According to the Big 7 study, "spectacular scenery, great beaches, and ethnic diversity all helped increase Vancouver's sexy ranking."

This conclusion comes on the heels of an earlier study that deemed Toronto accents to be the second sexiest in Canada, coming in right after the Ottawa Valley sound.

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