Shoppers Drug Mart is the largest drugstore chain in Canada and according to The Globe & Mail, it's trying to take a pull on the idea of selling Medical Marijuana. After Justin Trudeau officially demanded for the legalization of cannabis in a public mandate letter, there has been an ongoing debate as to where Mary Jane will be offered. Shoppers reps have been touring the grasslands to decide which medical-marijuana grower they'll make a deal with. Perhaps they'll stop by a floral farm to check out some plants? There are over 1300 Shoppers locations across Canada, and the executives are looking to select one provider - the lucky chosen one will be growing money trees.

Now this would be super convenient, don't ya think? Especially since there are so many locations that are open 24/7, MJ would be available all the time!!! (If there are no set hours) You get a prescription, go to a pharmacist and get your supply - this all seems too good to be true but hopefully the plan goes through!


According to CBC News,  as of today (October 25th, 2016) Shoppers Drug Mart has "has formally applied to be a distributor of medical marijuana."

Photo cred - Memes

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